Why video is the best wedding investment you can make

The first wedding for 2019 has been booked! Is it June yet? I can hardly wait to work with this couple. The bride is my favorite kind of bride- one who really cares about the video! She and I connected on many levels as to why video is so important on a wedding day. Being first and second generation immigrants, respectively, she and I share the unique understanding that video is the most reliable asset one can have for posterity.

For many couples, a wedding video is an afterthought. If there's enough room in the budget, they'll commission one. Photos are, most likely, going to be seen more often as they display on walls or in albums that get flipped through every now and then...but video captures more than just one frame of a moment and can evoke more senses that a photograph.

I was a bride in December of 2017. When I watch my wedding video, I can feel the way the room shook with joy at the end of our ceremony. I can see the shape my veil took as it floated in the breeze. I can hear the silly comments our bridal party members were making as we posed for some “candid” photos. I swear I can taste the cake as I watch my groom feed it to me! (Or maybe that’s because we were eating the rest of that cake for the entire next week!) The smell of hot apple cider (with rum, naturally).

Here are a few moments that I feel so lucky to be able to relive in our video:


Specifically the moment I picked up the microphone and started to sing a Celine Dion song because I knew my husband was half expecting me to but REALLY didn’t want me to. No photo could have captured the changes in our faces when he realized I wasn't really going to sing.


It was vaguely choreographed and I’m sure we’ll both forget the moves someday soon. Years from now we can match our movements as we danced to How Sweet It Is by James Taylor.


Only video could have captured the confusion, then laughter in my dad's voice when he accidentally wished the best to Amy and Alex (my brother) instead of Amy and Mike. And you can't tell in the pictures, but Mike's sisters' toast included several Penn State "WE ARE!" chants, with participation from all of our guests.


Not to brag, but I gave THREE Celine Dion performances. It's no secret that I'm obsessed. None were planned, but our guests still talk about them. As soon as dinner began our DJ started playing The Power of Love. I had no choice but to grab the mic and sing the song in its entirety. Later in the night, he played My Heart Will Go On. I remember our friends lining up in front of me as I sang, but I didn't notice all of the older guests slow dancing at the back of the dance floor until we watched our video.

Every couple is different. Some may not feel that they need a wedding video, and that’s perfectly fine. But those who do want a video know that they’re not just getting this video for now. The wedding video is for the time when hair is grayer and memories are harder to evoke. To be able to relive my wedding day forever is something I would never pass up. I can’t think of a better investment.

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